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Durable and versatile fabric duct material

  • MultiWeave is made of multi-filament yarns with a plain surface structure. 
    The filtration of the supply air is equivalent
    to that of a G2 prefilter acc. to EN779:2012
  • The material is cleanroom certified as class
    4 acc. to ISO 14644-1 - no shedding of particles
  • Fire tested acc. to UL 2518, EN13501 B-S1-d0 without any finishing treatment
  • Highly durable material. Tear strength of
    110- 210 N acc. to EN ISO 13937:2
  • Optional antibacterial (Antibac) treatment for very humid environments (> 85% RH).
  • Max. shrinkage of finished fabrics is 0.5%

MultiWeave is a multiple functional material that is highly suited for many different applications

MultiWeave factsheet [PDF]



Low-energy and sustainable fabric duct material

  • GreenWeave filters the supply air as an M6 prefilter acc. to EN779:2012
  • Longer washing intervals with staple fibre yarns
  • GreenWeave has a dust holding capacity of 0.7 oz/sq yd fabric surface acc. to EN779:2012
  • Fire tested acc. to UL 2518 and EN13501 B-S1-d0
  • 100% recyclable and Cradle to Cradle certified fabric
  • GreenWeave fabrics are yarn-dyed, which reduces the amount of wastewater by approx. 2/3 compared to conventional piece-dyed fabrics
  • Oeko-Tex® certified with documentation of the material’s sustainability
  • Hygienic and washable material that does not cause condensation. Max. shrinkage of 0.5%
  •  Does not contain antimony
GreenWeave is especially suited for comfort installations with high demands on air quality. 

GreenWeave factsheet [PDF]

Airtight textile duct material

  • ZeroWeave is an airtight material so the

    filter efficiency is zero. All the air is distributed through holes or nozzles

  • No PVC, halogens or other harmful substances. The material can be lasercut to improve the finished quality

  • Fire tested acc. to EN13501 B-S1-d0 without any finishing treatment

  • No condensation issues when used in environments below 90% RH

  • Washing not needed in order to maintain functionality. Only for hygienic and aesthetic reasons


ZeroWeave is an airtight, low-maintenance material with a wide range of application possibilities 

ZeroWeave factsheet [PDF]







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