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Durable and versatile fabric duct material

  • MultiWeave is made of multi-filament yarns with a plain surface structure. 
    The filtration of the supply air is equivalent
    to that of a G2 prefilter acc. to EN779:2012
  • The material is cleanroom certified as class
    4 acc. to ISO 14644-1 - no shedding of particles
  • Fire tested acc. to UL 2518, EN13501 B-S1-d0 without any finishing treatment
  • Highly durable material. Tear strength of
    110- 210 N acc. to EN ISO 13937:2
  • Optional antibacterial (Antibac) treatment for very humid environments (> 85% RH).
  • Max. shrinkage of finished fabrics is 0.5%

MultiWeave is a multiple functional material that is highly suited for many different applications, from cleanroom facilities of ISO class 4, industrial facilities and sports halls to equalizing rooms in meat factories.

MultiWeave factsheet [PDF]



Low-energy and sustainable fabric duct material

  • GreenWeave filters the supply air as an M6 prefilter acc. to EN779:2012

  • Longer washing intervals with staple fibre yarns

  • GreenWeave has a dust holding capacity of 0.7 oz/sq yd fabric surface acc. to EN779:2012

  • Fire tested acc. to UL 2518 and EN13501 B-S1-d0

  • 100% recyclable and Cradle to Cradle certified fabric

  • GreenWeave fabrics are yarn-dyed, which reduces the amount of wastewater by approx. 2/3 compared to conventional piece-dyed fabrics

  • Oeko-Tex® certified with documentation of the material’s sustainability

  • Hygienic and washable material that does not cause condensation. Max. shrinkage of 0.5%

  •  Does not contain antimony

GreenWeave is especially suited for comfort installations with high demands on indoor air quality. Typical applications are offices, schools, laboratories, conference centres, and cold work rooms in food industry. KE Fibertec offers LCC calculations (Life Cycle Cost) to visualize the cost effectiveness of the total investment in GreenWeave.

GreenWeave factsheet [PDF]

Airtight textile duct material

  • ZeroWeave is an airtight material so the

    filter efficiency is zero. All the air is distributed through holes or nozzles

  • No PVC, halogens or other harmful substances. The material can be lasercut to improve the finished quality

  • Fire tested acc. to EN13501 B-S1-d0 without any finishing treatment

  • No condensation issues when used in environments below 90% RH

  • Washing not needed in order to maintain functionality. Only for hygienic and aesthetic reasons


ZeroWeave is an airtight, low-maintenance material with a wide range of application possibilities such as supermarkets, large sports arenas, swimming pools, high-bay industrial facilities, and rooms with high dust generation
or limited accessibility.

ZeroWeave factsheet [PDF]







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