Emirates Flight Catering Opens World’s Largest Vertical Farm in Dubai

Bustanica (Emirates Flight Catering) opens world largest Vertical Farm in Dubai, KE GreenDuct has delivered the fabric ducts to secure optimum air circulation for the plants. Bustanica has just opened the doors to the world’s largest hydroponic vertical farm in Dubai located near Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central. The 330.000 sqft (30.658 m2) large indoor grow facility has costed more than US$40m to build. KE Fibertec has been selected to supply the 5,5 km (3.4 miles) installed fabric ducts for securing an optimum air distribution and growth conditions.

“We are very pleased to receive this big order and being a technical supplier for the world largest vertical farm says CEO Carsten Jespersen, KE Fibertec AS. It has provided us with a great opportunity to get our new product concept, KE GreenDuct tested in a large-scale facility. No doubt, it has been a both challenging an exciting project where we have been involved in all phases from design, production, performance warranty and commissioning of the KE GreenDucts. It all went well so we are very satisfied”, Carsten Jespersen says.

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Bustanica Vertical Farm, Dubai

KE GreenDuct Breeze system delivered to one of the largest vertical farms in Southeast USA

KE Fibertec NA has supplied a KE GreenDuct Breeze system to one of the largest vertical farming plants in Southeast USA. More than 3,5 km (11.500 ft) KE GreenDucts in MW40 material with antibacterial treatment. The whole concept is based on a micro-climate air distribution concept. The plant is supplying more than 10.000 lettuce heads per day to one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world.

Expected outcome
The expected growth circle is 30 days compared to 45 days in a normal outdoor environment. They furthermore expect to reduce water consumption and fertilizer with approx. 2/3 compared to a “normal” outside farming. The facility will hold somewhere between 250 to 300,000 heads of lettuce at any time, and they expect to harvest 10,000 heads daily (grow time from seed to harvest is 30 days). The quality of the lettuce is expected to be better compared to conventual farming (more uniform head sizes and less waste loss due to outside conditions such as diseases, weather conditions and insect attacks etc.).

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Vertical farm, Southeast USA












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