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In vertical farming it is important to have an even
air distribution to avoid any risk of mold grow

We meet any requirements in indoor grow facilities

The main difference from an indoor grow facility compared to outdoor conventual farming is the high influence on the main grow parameters such as water and weather variability and the use of pesticides and herbicides. The indoor grow facility is typically closed from seed to shipment, which makes it easier to secure a controlled and ideal grow environment and thereby a higher yield per kg seed. In the design process it is therefore important not only to look at the UV-light or irrigation system but also the airflow and how even the air is distributed and how to minimize the risk of mold grow.




Room climate control by KE GreenDuct

  • A KE GreenDuct typical placed in the room corridors or above the aisles

  • The primary air flow is downward/sideward, and the secondary air distribute into the shelves/canopies

  • Less critical growth environment

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Microclimate control by KE GreenDuct

  • The KE GreenDuct is placed inside the racks or just beside

  • Critical environment with active management of UV-light, temperature, humidity, carbon footprint and airflow

  • Closed growth environment with high hygiene demands

  • Applicable for closed containers or small growth chambers

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Greenhouses by KE Growair (PE-ducts)

  • PE-ducts typical placed underneath or above
    a fixed table/gutter construction

  • Even and uniform distribution over the duct length with our patented DFC-hole system

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