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With more than 50 years of experience in textile based ventilation solutions we provide you with optimum air distribution

 An indoor growth facility despite if it is microfarm or a large scale vertical farm represent a huge investment for the grower or investor. To make a good return of investment all grow parameters must work together to create an optimum outcome. We do not build complete vertical farms; we deliver tailor made KE GreenDucts to distribute the air from a ventilator or air handler in all types of grow facilities. Furthermore we assist you with designing, calculating and documenting the air distribution inside the racks. We are aiming to become your microclimate expert:

There are many variables to consider when design the best growth climate; UV-light intensity, temperature, air movement, and irrigation methods. Our target is to deliver the conditioned air evenly within the racks to create a uniform growing environment for the crops.

At KE GreenDuct, we know that every grow process is different, so we are constantly testing vertical farming set-ups both in our own full-scale laboratory and on site. Our own software TBV-Designer is developed to simulate and visualize the air distribution inside the racks and it makes us capable of predicting the air velocities over and in between the crops very precisely.

Our history in food industry 

KE Fibertec who owns KE GreenDuct has almost 50 years of experience as a world leading supplier within textile-based air distribution in the food industry. We have supplied several thousands of systems to all kind of food facilities, like equalizing rooms in slaughterhouses or cheese ripening facilities etc. The expected outcome is the same as in a growth facility. An optimized air distribution to secure the best conditions for the products (even air distribution and humidity in the facility to prevent manual handling to compensate for an uneven climate. Fastest possible production cycle with the highest archivable first class product quality. Of course, produced under the strongest hygiene standards).

KE GreenDuct is established with our microclimate and air distribution experts to build on this legacy.  The only difference is at KE GreenDuct, we focus on specializing in growth facilities and how the climate effect the growth of your crops and nothing else.

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Our grow mission

To sell an optimum air distribution solution for Indoor growth facilities and vertical farms is not just selling good quality KE GreenDuct products, delivered on-time.

Our philosophy is to start with the requirements and - through dialogue - design a solution that meets the expectations specified for a good microclimate. Just as crops are different, microclimate requirements are different, too.

Our mission is to be your
microclimate expert!




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