Room Controlled Climate

The focus is to distribute the air evenly in the room with as little stratification as possible. Often the GreenDuct is placed in the aisles between the racks with orifices pointing downward. The primary air flow is downward/sideward, and the secondary air distribute through the shelves/canopies. Alternatively, the ducts can be place underneath the growing tables and work as an active displacement system. This solution is often used in growth chambers and germination rooms up to 6 m height.

The advantage of using KE GreenDuct in a room control climate is:

  • The supply air is distributed uniformly over the aisles to secure even temperature and distribution.

  • More flexible growing. Can be used together with a mobile rack system build up.

  • Linear vent of holes to secure even air distribution in the entire duct length.

  • Less fans to circulate the air, easier to control the airflow and easier installation.

  • Hygiene solution. The KE GreenDuct is washable.

  • The KE GreenDuct can be treated with our environmentally friendly AntiBac treatment (approved according to EN/ISO 20645 and EN/ISO 20743), which eliminate mold and fungi growth.

  • Can be upgraded to a documented sustainable Cradle to Cradle solution.






Available in:

North America, Western Europe, Benelux, 
Eastern Europe, United Kingdom and Asia


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