Sustainable food production is no longer something that take place on farms far away from the consumers. The increasing urbanization makes it necessary to come up with solutions which put less stress on arable soils in the world. Modern food production can be made in a 40” container inside a big city supplying a Michelin restaurant daily with fresh lettuce, herbs or vegetables. This kind of production is made with huge savings on fertilizer, water, less cost for transportation and with a much higher harvest outcome per acre compared to conventual agriculture.

Indoor growth facilities are the new generation of sustainable food production. To meet these requirements KE-GreenDuct offer two product lines, KE GreenDuct Breeze which is our standard product line for indoor farming. Our sustainable top product line KE GreenDuct ECO is also available, and this product line is based on the first Cradle to Cradle certified ventilation duct in the world. The certification documents the sustainability of the product and the fact that we take responsibility of its life cycle from Cradle to Cradle, ie. from production to recycling. As a part of our KE GreenDuct ECO program we offer a refund program based on how many years the system has been installed at the premises of the building owner.

The refund program consists of the following:
0-10 years: 10% refund
10-15 years: 7% refund
End of life: 5% refund 








Available in:

North America, Western Europe, Benelux, 
Eastern Europe, United Kingdom and Asia


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