Microclimate control

A critical environment growth with active management of UV-light, temperature, humidity, CO2 and airflow.  The main purpose is to create an ideal microclimate per shelf with a KE Greenduct placed beside the UV-light over the crops. The active management allow to speed up or slow down the growth process so it is important that the airflow can be adjusted. A KE GreenDuct can be designed for airflows between 25-100% of nominal airflow. The key factor is to secure uniform air and temperature distribution over the crops both in the width and in the length direction. The air velocity to prevent stagnant air and growth of mildew or mold in the crops must typical be between 0,2 – 0,5 m/s.


The advantage of using KE GreenDuct in a microclimate control:

  • Uniform air delivery over the crop. Both in the width and in the length of the racks. This is important to have optimum grow conditions for crops.

  • KE GreenDuct can work with variable air volume (from 100% down to 25 %),

  • Continuous air movement around the roots prevents stagnant air and possible growth of mold and mildew. It also helps the plant grows stronger.

  • All KE GreenDucts are customized to order and can be designed for mounting inside the racks, outside the racks and for closed environment containers.

  • The KE GreenDuct can be treated with our environmentally friendly AntiBac treatment (approved according to EN/ISO 20645 and EN/ISO 20743), which eliminate mold and fungi growth.

  • Can be upgraded to a documented sustainable Cradle to Cradle solution


Different examples of microclimate options:








Available in:

North America, Western Europe, Benelux, 
Eastern Europe, United Kingdom and Asia


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